About TabHub

With the multitude of information available at our fingertips, tabs can quickly accumulate, cluttering our screens and overwhelming our cognitive resources. TabHub provides an all-in-one solution to declutter your browser, save links from any resource, and track your time spent on the Internet with insights into your browsing behavior. With the ability to set different access levels, public repositories, and workspaces are visible in the Explore section for the entire TabHub community. This allows different communities and creators to save their resources and summarize them in one place for their audience.

Core Features

πŸ“ Tab & Session Manager

Effortlessly manage your tabs and sessions for a clutter-free browsing experience.

βœ… Track all tabs in different windows

βœ… Save/Open multiple tabs at once

βœ… Remove duplicate tabs

βœ… Sort tabs

βœ… Pin tabs

βœ… Smart Group your Chrome tabs with AI

βœ… Groups saved as hierarchical/multi-level folders in repository, resembling your bookmark

βœ… Search on web to collect all links within your URL

βœ… Available in Column Mode & Table Mode

βœ… Support both local and cloud storage

πŸ“ Time Tracker

Monitor website visits, track time spent, and motivate yourself with valuable insights.

βœ… Visualization

πŸ‘‰ Casual Mode:

βœ… Track time spent on each tabs

βœ… Track session activity

βœ… Identify least used tabs

πŸ‘‰ Focus Mode:

βœ… Set session-browsing time and goal

βœ… Track progress

βœ… Tabs visited categorization

βœ… Insights: whether tabs visited satisfy the goal

πŸ“ Workspace and Explore

Monitor website visits, track time spent, and motivate yourself with valuable insights.

βœ… Cloud synchronization

βœ… Add members to your workspace with multiple roles (moderator, member, contributor, owner)

βœ… Private/Public Mode

βœ… Instantly share your tabs with one link

βœ… Explore public workspaces/repositories.


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