✅ v1.0.2

Hotfix bugs in v1.0.1. Enhance extension functionalities.

Github release link: https://github.com/tabhub-official/tabhub/releases/tag/v1.0.2


Google Chrome





Hotfix bugs appear in the initial release and polish the interface of the main application.

Introduce new features

📍 Browser extension

Hotfix automatically spawns the app tab

In v1.0.1, the extension seems to annoy users a lot when it automatically avoids the user from closing the https://app.tabhub.io tab. This is not a bug but it a mechanism to force the user browser to pin the app tab. However, after collecting feedback from our early users, this does not bring a very good experience.

A very small improvement of the extension visual to make the experience of our users better. Users can track the number of tabs opened on their browser session without opening the application.

📍 Tab & Session Manager

Smarter "Smart grouping"

The smart grouping feature is now able to handle up to hundreds of tabs in under a minute. Deliver a better user experience with a progress tracker.

Drag to select multiple tabs

To use the feature, press the ⌥ (option) key on MacOS or Alt key on Windows to activate the multi-drag mode.

New UI design for Save Tabs UI

We aim to bring the simplicity of quick tab saving to our users.

📍 Browsing Activity Tracker

Active time tracker session view

  • Add a feature to turn ON/OFF the tracking status. The time tracking session will be interrupted until the user turns on the tracking.

  • A time range slider is used to view activities in a specific time range.

Previous time tracker sessions

  • Manage and view statistics gathered from previous sessions

  • Monthly total time analytics

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