✅ v1.0.3

Hotfix bugs in v1.0.3. Introduce new UI and Time Tracker widget
Google Chrome


  • Enhance app accessibility by adding keyboard shortcut.
  • Introduce new user interface that brings you the best tab manager experience.
A better UI/UX version of TabHub
  • Add in-app widget for time tracker.
  • Access workspace's repositories directly on the navigation bar.

Introduce new features

💾 Chrome Bookmark Synchronization

Are you worried about losing your bookmarks stored on Chrome? Or want to share it with your friends without copy link line by line? TabHub integrates with Chrome bookmark system to bring you the best experience in tab management. Every feature on TabHub also support with Bookmark system.
Chrome Bookmark on TabHub

⚡️Quick Action Mode

In ✅ v1.0.2, one tap on the TabHub extension icon will only allow you to Save Tabs. To extend functionalities and the experience of using the one tap action, ⚡️ Quick Action Mode is added with three actions by default: Save Tabs, Smart Grouping and Time Tracker. You can also use Keyboard shortcut [1 - Save Tabs, 2- Smart Grouping, 3 - Time Tracker] to quickly pick an action.
Quick Action Mode

📍 Tab & Session Manager

Keyboard shortcut

For users who are familiar with using keyboard shortcut in their daily basis, TabHub will be a go-to application whenever they start browsing the Internet. There are new keyboard shortcuts added to the app that helps you to access feature and navigate quickly. To find the list of shortcuts that TabHub supports. Go to Keyboard shortcut

Add "unloaded" status for window tab

Support different status display for window tab. This separates which tab has been loaded and which tab is unloaded. Hence, user can manage to remove tabs they have not never used.
Unloaded tab has a gray title while loaded tab has a black title

Add "Last access at" for window tab

The last time when the tab is accessed.

📍 Browsing Activity Tracker

Tab time track

Adding a new feature to track time per tab directly on Tab Manager. Time Tracker is now more accessible in Tab Manager. To view details of the session, user can go to Time Tracker tab to view the chart visualization and statistics.
Guide: Toglge track mode to view time per tab

In-app widget

In v1.0.2, whenever user wants to run Time Tracker, they must go to Time Tracker > Active Session. The flow is not smooth and it creates a barrier for new users to try a product and existing users who want to use TabHub App while their Time Tracker is running. Hence, this update brings a new UI component to the app.
In-app widget for Time Tracker
The Widget is enabled by default. To disabled the widget for Time Tracker, go to Time Tracker > Setting > In-app Widget and click the toggle button.
Time Tracker > Setting > In-app Widget